Say goodbye Mr Bread!

Truly a sad day for us all. I've spent the day packing everything into suitcases and all that jazz and came across 2 of our favourite characters.

Obviously mini-Andy will continue his adventures around the world, and where better to go than the home of the Pharaohs for our mini-Hero!

But, in my searching, I also found our favourite yeast and flour character, Mr Bread!

After spending nearly a term in my lab, being poked and prodded by children Mr Bread still shows no signs of fungal growth, the E282 and E200 (otherwise known as the Holy Grail of preservatives) still seems to be doing a sterling job.

Obviously, being treated like some sort of circus display by children has taken it's toll, and, even though still soft, Mr Bread is rather powdery now.

I've been able to leverage the camera in my phone to take a few goodbye pics, just before I callously throw the mutant bread in the bin.

I meant give it a proper burial.


R.I.T.B. (Rest/Rot In The Bin)
Mr Bread Jan 23, 2007 - July 17, 2007

Enero = January

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