Marvel Civil War

Alright I've just started reading this today (I know I know a bit behind everyone else - some of us have got jobs to get fired from ya know) and I'm only on issue 1, the Spiderman lead-in (Spidey 529).

In it Tony Stark has made a costume for Spidey which not only has infra-red vision and police band is also bullet-proof, has a heart rate monitor or superhearing or something so he can hear the villains heartbeats and it allows him to "glide" when he jumps off buildings.

Now if I'm not mistaken he pretty much has the combined powers of Superman, Daredevil and dare I say it Batman!?!

Hope they get rid of this costume soon and make him mortal again.

What's the first thing he does when he becomes bullet-proof?

Yes that's right he gets shot.


If you want an example of a proper costume change, try Jean-Paul Valley's Azrael/Batman costume from the 90s Knightfall arc!

Now THERE'S a costume change!

Oh and while I'm on the subject of comics, everyone go out and buy Fables now!
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