A bit of a rush

Holy crap! It's all moving a bit fast.

One minute there I was, happily going about my business and actually rather enjoying my job.

Like a fool I had not prepared myself for being stabbed in the back by my cowardly employers, The English Montessori School in Aravaca, who seemed all too willing to let the parents run that place, and now I find myself up the shitter for summer.

After somehow managing to get myself fired twice in 2 weeks, my best laid plans for summer, working in Madrid and going to Finland (yes that fell through too - the boss replied today to say that they wanted me to come and prices had shot through the roof - I mailed them last week) all fell through and I'm left scratching my arse in Madrid. Far from the grand plans I had for the summer.

So to shake thing up a bit I thought I'd move back to the UK. Ya know just for a little excitement. So I booked my flights yesterday for the 20th of June, not really realising quite how close that date really is.

That'll be this Friday then.

In between now and then I have to figure out how to send half of my stuff to Egypt (I don't even know WHERE to send it yet!) and pack the rest of my shit into my suitcase.

So that'll be 2 days to sort all that out then. Oh dear...
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