Summer work

The summer was all planned. I had a job lined up starting this Saturday at another school to earn some extra dough for a month, then I fancied a week in Morocco before going to the UK for Carnival.

I was gutted when I heard that the Europride procession was happening on Saturday, cos my new job was supposed to start then, so imagine my delight when I came home, checked my mail and found out I'd been fired before the job even started! Check this little gem out...

Dear Adrian,

We have decided to take you off the list of staff for the summer 2007. This is because you failed to return our job offer. We have attempted to contact you by phone and e-mail numerous times without being able to reach you. As we need a guarantee that teachers will turn up during the course, we have now chosen another teacher.

Kind reagrds,

Where they managed to get that my name was Adrian is quite a mystery, especially given that my real name is a pretty prominent feature of my email address, but gettin fired before you even start is a record even for me! Yay!
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