Erm does anyone know how to use this thing...?

We just got an interactive whiteboard installed in one of the classes in school, and yesterday the trainer came over. She was bloody awful, dull and worse than that she didn't actually KNOW how to use the kit, just how to sell it.

So today I walk in and ask to have a go. The two guys who took the training course yesterday stood in amazement as I performed some pretty basic functions and next thing you know The Head is asking me if I can teach an hour INSET on it.

Obviously, I like a challenge, so I accepted. The fact that I had used a whiteboard for a total of two and a half minutes prior to being asked didn't really cross my mind.

Now I've got to try and figure out how the hell to use the thing AND teach everyone in school before tomorrow. What's more I have 20 minutes to learn it before I'm off out to get pissed up at the gay parade.

Does anyone know how to use this thing!?!
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