Me and Gonzalo, my Peruvian flatmate were out tonight, takin in the great summer weather and decided to go for a Moroccan in the middle of Chueca, the gay district.

Much to our surprise, we ended up out pretty much all evening surrounded by gay men as European Gay Pride is on in Madrid and the parties have already started in the streets!

This weekend it's expected that 2.2 million gay people will descend on the streets of Madrid and have lots of gay fun all over the place, whatever that's supposed to entail. It does feel a bit like a conspiracy to round up all the gay people in Europe though...

Anyway I was just lookin for flats earlier and was wondering, why DO people advertise for gay flatmates? I live with a gay guy and it makes absolutely no difference to me. Surely you'd be better off advertising for someone who is not a serial killer or something if you were going to discriminate. I know I would.
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