Mailartists that rocked my world part 1 - Cross Ryu

How did a physics teaching, techie guy become an artist in 2 years? I wanted to present a few pieces of mailart from my collection that had a profound impact on me and turned me into the mailart junkie I am today. The first in the series of mailart that rocked my world, this one comes from Korean mailartist Cross Ryu.

The first time I saw this artists work on IUOMA, I gasped and got in contact. Unfortunately Cross doesn't send often, but I consider myself to be very lucky to own 2 pieces by this magnificent Indian Ink(?) artist.

The first piece I got was the girl in the bottle and to this day I have no idea how this was done. The detail is magnificent, the sense of scale conjured up in a 6x4 piece is really incredible. Even today, I still look at this piece with utter enthralled admiration. I really do not have enough superlatives for this piece.

Cross Ryu 2

Elena prefers the girl under the tree. I admit that this was slightly smudged by me, as I took it out on a trip and it rained and boy do I feel bad about that. Each piece has seared into into my brain.

These are the pieces that first made me realise that truly great artists exist in mailart alongside us mere mortals.

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