Mailart that rocked my world - Heleen Protest Post

Next in the series of mailartists that rocked my world - Heleen

Heleen is a dutch mailartist who has a style that instantly made me smile. When she makes mailart, her drawing and line style is very deliberate but playful.

This piece is so simple to look at but the size of the piece (it's larger than normal, about 8x6 in) but the effect always stands out when I look at the wall.

Here is an artist that draws too. Check out her pimped photo for pimp my photos.

Heleen pimps my photos #1

The artwork was great, depicting her and her partner taking tea with us on a bench, but what made this work for me was how easy she made it look. Her assured lines and soft colours made the whole thing look not easy but achievable. She has an artistic style that inspired me to put pen to paper and that is how Heleen's mailart rocked my world

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