Text message request - I am going to be in a TV advert for Nokia!

Readers I need your help ASAP!

Yesterday I saw an advert which read

"Have a special announcement to make? We will make your message spectacular. Service is free of charge, first come first served"

I thought about it for about 2 seconds and picked up the phone. Having a chat with the boss of a large advertising company I talked them through my recent my REAL wall/council windup and said that the announcement I would like to make would be something like

"Sending postcards is not a crime - leave us post fans alone Hammersmith council!"

The guy liked the sound of it and has booked me in to film on Saturday.

The idea is that they are putting up a 50ft billboard somewhere in London to display this message.

I need to send them an appropriate message by the end of today, and thought I would open this one out to my readership.

So, what should the billboard say? Think my REAL wall. Think council. Think text message/twitter length wit.

And hurry up about it!

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