Mailart call - Pester my council!

Hey my REAL wall fans I have an urgent mailart/postcard petition call that I need a quick response for, and I need your help!

As many of you know, recently I received a very strange demand letter from the local council, who seem to think that my REAL wall is a business, and have demanded that I send them some paperwork proving that I get my waste disposed of properly, or face a potential £5000 fine!

On the advice of Postmuse and with the support of my REAL fans, I decided not to bother to answer them straight away, but decided instead to send the story on to my local paper, the Hammersmith and Kensington Times, who sent around a photographer and put the story on page 3 of the print edition and headline on their website.

Another local magazine, Westside magazine caught a sniff of this story and sent me an email to send them more details and I got in touch with them. They emailed today to say that, instead of running it as the same story that HKtimes ran with, they wanted to print a ‘what’s happened since’ story in the news page of the December edition, and they asked me if I paid the fine.

Of course I haven't paid the fine, I have no intention of doing so as I've done nothing wrong, but I've been planning to send the council an intricate mailart postcard as they have demanded that I send them "paperwork related to the business" and the "business" I run produces large amounts of pretty paper and cool postcards, so I thought it was the most appropriate thing.

When I told the editor that this was my intention, she was delighted

"Send the intricate postcard to us please and I’ll use it as an image for the December issue!"

Sounds like a mailart call to me if I ever heard one!

So the call is this. Write the coolest, funniest prettiest piece of mailart or send a postcard of support to my REAL wall at the usual address to arrive by November 15th (please allow time for the postal strikes, so post early please), and I will put together a package for the council and send it on to them, via Westside Magazine, who will print your mailart as my official letter to the council.

Nothing horrible please, this isn't a nasty one, it's a friendly jab showing the ridiculousness of their demand, so please don't get mad, let's just get even! Grrrr!

Hopefully we'll wind em up a bit and they'll fine me or something.

The address for those of you who don't know it by heart is...

Andy Hoang
my REAL wall
PO Box 63138
W14 4BR

If you need to see the letters and paperwork, they are on my flickr site, here, here and here

Feel free to use these in whatever way you want, use whatever medium you like.
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