Nokia viral for my REAL wall

Here's what we saw when we turned up at Tower Bridge for the filming of the next Nokia advert yesterday.

A 50ft screen shaped like an arrow was hanging from a crane advertising Nokia maps.

I was scheduled to have the message

"Thanks to all the people who have sent post to my REAL wall. The council will never get us!"

The filming started later than expected and the light was not great by the time the shooting started, and the message had been edited so that by the time it went out it lost a lot, so consider this an insider gag to fans of my REAL wall.

The final message read

"To all the postcard senders" and Nokia Viral

"From around the world" (We missed that one - the message wasn't up very long and I was busy being filmed)

"You are all fantastic!" and Nokia Viral

"The council will never stop us!" and Nokia Viral

"by Andy Hoang" and Nokia Viral

I was a little miffed that the words "my REAL wall" were unceremoniously dropped (it was too late to do much about it at the time) and the filming took place so late with such poor light I don't hold much hope of it being screened, but I will be sending the pics to some local papers to make sure that the pen-pushing jobsworth who sent me the demand letter gets it shoved up him...
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