Rickshaw Withdrawal Symptoms

Last time I came to Delhi, about 5 years ago, I remember the place being dirty, smelly and generally hostile.

For example at one point I got dogshit thrown on the top of my shoe by this guy in a subway, who then kindly offered to clean it off for the equivalent of 70 quid in rupees, assuming that I had just got off the plane. That's when the ability to kick someone in the head comes in very useful.

Although the place still remains pretty hostile, it seems to have cleaned up it's act a bit since then and I've not yet encountered any shit-flicking-wallahs this time around.

In addition to this the air in Delhi has become breathable due to a recent change in the law that means that all Autorickshaws, taxis and buses have to run on Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG.

Now although there are obvious benefits to my health and to the environment I must say that I am not diggin this new CNG thing.

Why's this?

As any Rickshaw Runner will tell you, when you've broken down on the NH5 and a rickshaw-wallah pulls up to admire your 2006 model, 2 stroke petrol+2T Bajaj badboy before helping to fix it up the first thing you say before commenting on his ride is,

"Petrol or Diesel mate?"

So that's cocked up my chances of a decent conversation then...
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