Dosa in Delhi

I left the Dosa Boys in Darjeeling yesterday and headed for Delhi (Do I get extra blog points for alliteration?) and met The Shrimpers and Paul from Blunderbuss heading in the same direction so holed up with the old rivals for the night, at a place we found in the Rough Guide called Geet Deluxe.

From my last experience in Delhi, 5 years ago, I suspected that the "deluxe" tag would probably turn out to be a misnomer and I was right. I was so right in fact, that as we rocked up at the place, Paul says

"Erm lads, I'm sorry to say that it's no longer Geet Deluxe. It's just Geet"

As I suspected, Geet Deluxe had now put gaffa tape (that saviour of Rickshaw Runner) over the word "deluxe" perhaps on grounds of misrepresentation.

As we bumbled through the strets towards diner at Metropolis (great Hyderbadi Biryani and Panak Paneer by the way) past countless "government approved" tour operators, one "five-star" hotel which looked like a mechanics garage and countless stalls selling "Rolex"s I had to crack a smile.

Welcome to Delhi!

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