CNG Rickshaw review

Alright runners, here's the lowdown on the new model Delhi Bajaj RE CNG, cos I know you're dying to know. I've been running around in one all day just for research purposes and I'll post some pictures of the engine up when I get on a decent computer in a week.

From what I could decipher from my rickshaw-wallah who spoke about 4 words of English, they are four stroke and run on this stuff called Compressed Natural Gas, which is cleaner than the crap we were running and hence they smell a bit less.

Top speed is 60k but the drivers here are wusses and keep em low, not like the nutcases in Calcutta. Standard colour scheme is green base with yellow roof so The Shrimpers ride wouldn't look out of place here and there are no pimping variations other than stick-on adverts.

Many have left and right rear windbreaks which would have been bloody useful in our rides on those crazy-freezing night drives, rear wheel arch bumpers (decorative like the rear bumper on ours I presume) and digital faremeters that actually WORK!

None of the rickshaws here are more than 5 years old, but most of em look 10.

But the highlight lads is this. You'll never believe this...

They have automatic start!!!!

Bloody automatic start!!!!

You can switch em on, one click, then with another click your engine just bursts into life!

No messing around with that yank-lever, just twist and go!!!

Man. I want one...
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