Of the many reasons that I love my new life here on the continent one stands out.

What I REALLY love about my new life is grease. Yes grease. Oil. I love eating oil.

Thing is I've ALWAYS loved eating oil in all it's forms and despite my tiny build I can metabolise any amount of pork crackling, as anyone who's been to Grease Tuesday with me will know.

Out here no-one bats an eyelid if I go up and order a burger with extra fat or ask for the skin off someone's chicken before swallowing it down with a side serving of engine oil.

And the best thing is that I get to douse everything in olive oil, like this pizza I had for lunch, which is dripping in the stuff.

The thing is that at home, it's just not culturally on to stick grease all over your food. I remember one time I sprinkled shavings of lard all over my yoghurt and my ex-girlfriend left me the next day citing the "fact" that I was a sick bastard.

I'll never understand the Brits.
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