I must be getting old. I was out clothes shopping yesterday and DIDN'T end up getting into as much mischief as I should have done.

So I was out shopping in Madrid and found a place with some bargains so started shopping for some cool tops and stuff to cover the fact that I was buying underwear.

I then notice that the mannequin has a very appropriate shirt on. If you look really closely it says something about travel in a slightly grammatically incorrect way:


Travelling is a passion: it is a way of life combinated with a free way of thinking - you'll see the more you travel and the more you want to and you'll realise that the world is not so big.

I really liked the sentiment, even if I didn't like the sentence construction and decided that I wanted it. However, looking around the shop there were no other copies of it around.

So I decided to strip the mannequin naked.

I waited for the assistants in the shop to go beyond running distance, but they wouldn't leave, so I stood taking pictures of the mannequin for about 10 minutes to pass the time, until finally I gave in and asked them if I could have it. In my younger days I would have just taken it straight off, brazen as you like.

Anyway, dealing with the nice-but-dim assistant was much less fruitful than I thought it would be, and she basically said in Spanish that she didn't want to take my money for this product because she couldn't be bothered to take the mannequin down.

Obviously this pissed me off a bit.

So I decided to cause the tiniest bit of mischief...

The mannequin wearing my shirt was located in a very thin aisle. Despite the fact he/she/it had no head it was a posable figure with arms and hands.

So I grabbed his hand and gave it a hearty shake leaving his arm horizontal.

Within seconds, customers were walking around the manneuqin and ducking, muttering under their breath. Just like the Brits, the Spanish also complain to themselves and do fuck all about problems with obvious solutions!

Final score: 1 to the shop and 1 to mischief. This isn't over yet...
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