Dosa Boys Insider: No Calamity Involvement????

The latest is that Calamity have been seen getting a plane home to the UK lookin none the worse for wear. This has got to be good news then!

As for the rumours of a Raiders casualty these are yet to be confirmed.

But I have another theory.

On consultation it seems that the keys "fell into" the hands of some drunk drivers in a rather sketchy way. I've heard conflicting stories from third parties who all talked to the same source, but this source gave different stories as to how the keys "escaped" their clutches.

Strangely coincidental was the fact that neither of the two teams involved were named as such by said party and they both disappeared off the scene rather too quickly to bge questioned.

Does the witness who held the keys ultimately know exactly what happened that night but is unwilling to tell I wonder. Why the shroud of secrecy...?
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