Dosa Boys Insider: Conflicting stories

So I have 3 stories to tell you all about the same incident.

The first goes that the rickshaw was completely written off and that there would be hell to pay. The rumour has it that it hit a parked Jeep at speed, flipped over and someone got a head caught under it which proceeded to then rip off half their face, while someone else went through the windscreen and broke their nose. This story ends with the rickshaw being a steaming mess on the side of the road, completely unsalvagable. Tales of people going to hospital in Calcutta too, the second place team if the stories are anything to go by.

The second goes that the Raiders were the only injuries, they didn't crash into a jepp just a bit of road and that they got away with only minor scratches. According to this source, the rickshaw suffered a tiny dent in the roof which could be fixed with a bog plunger and some sticky tape.

The third goes that all the victims have gone home happily ever after and not a lot happened at all.

However this still doesn't explain the 20, 000Rs paid out to some fella who owns a Jeep.

Yet another source informs me that he saw the rickshaw in passing and it was indeed covered in blood with a nice and aerodynamic roof mould. Not quite the sort of pimping we were after but someone yes SOMEONE (it may be you) must have pictures.

Come on people don't let me down now...
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