Japanese schoolgirl masturbation!?! What the fuck!?!

As regular readers may know, lately I've had far too much time on my hands and I thought that with this time I may as well take a bit of time to promote this site and try to get some comments for a change.

Hence the addition of the London Bloggers link on the side and some sly posts around the place with the URL. On top of this I've been tracking visitor numbers with statcounter and just check up every day to see if people are actually reading the thing, not that I would stop posting but ya know it's good for the ego. The link in the bottom left hand side links to the site stats for this site.

Anyway I was lookin at the stats earlier and statcounter is actually really good. As a freebie it is great in that if you click on visitor paths it allows you to track where all your hits are coming in from.

So I scrolled down the list of locations that people who hit the site came from and it gives you a list of the referring sites that they've clicked on too. So just a few big ups to my regulars before I continue this little tale:

Hi to KGB agent in Buzau and all the little minions! I see a direct click coming in from you today. Cheers!

A big hello to the dude in Colombia who logs on all the time. I've no idea who you are but thanks!

Oh yeah thanks to the Pole who thinks I'm a racist :-)

Not too sure why the centre for Information Studies in Washington keep logging on. Am I dodgy?

The random Kenyan. Cheers.

And of course, Hi to Jay, Jase and Carl and the South London Ch1nky as ever.

And finally, thanks to whoever logged on after doing a search on Ask Jeeves for Japanese Schoolgirl Masturbation, in which this site is bizarrely listed in fourth place. How the fuck it got there is anyone's guess, but hey that's one more reader to the site so I can't complain.

But honestly officer I'm clean!
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