The end of ageism and sexism - what a disaster

I just applied for a job in Saudi Arabia. As much as I hated working for the Arabs in the past I thought that the description sounded pretty good..

SUPER PERSON' sought. Prestigious Saudi family seek to employ an educated and articu-late individual to be a companion/mentor to their 15 year old daughter who speaks excellent English al-ready, and some French. This post might suit someone who is thinking of returning to teaching, or looking for a complete and challenging change of career. You would be based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and travel to the UK and Europe during school holidays.

'Super Person' eh? I thought. I sometimes where my pants on the outside (not when around 15 year old girls though but let's move on from this chain of thought shall we...) so I thought I'd be ideal for the post.

When I gave the guy a call he was in the shower, so I left a message and he called me back.

"I'm really sorry but because of the nature of the client we were looking for a woman" he starts off apologetically, "but the stupid politically correct laws in this country mean we can't legally state that that's what we want so instead we've had to waste 50% of our time turning away men, which the advert should have done for us anyway."

Another triumph for idiocy then on the part of the politically correct lobby. You may recall I had a fit when my mate told me you couldn't mention the word "fat" when teaching kids about healthy eating. That's why I'm finding it hard to justify going back into teaching, when you can't actually make a difference any more cos your hands are tied by the bunch of idiots in charge.

The guy then goes on to say, "We also wanted to mention that salary is comensurate with age and experience. But again we're not allowed to say that now."

So I have decided to write my own ad for the job, just in case you want to apply. I've had to take out some details to try to make sure I didn't discriminate against non "super" people, people who don't like rich Saudis, people who are scared of 15 year old girls, anyone who may not be returning to teaching, or anyone not able to travel. It goes like this...

Job offered. Apply below.
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