Dressed for the lab

Back in nerdier days in the past as a physicist I couldn't help noticing that my course was desperately low on girls without beards. Apart from Nicky (above) who was a adolescent boys (and my...) physics wet dream physics, as everyone knows, tends to attract the very best kind of nerd.

I'm sure it wasn't Einstein who came up with the old nightclub saying "if you bring the girls the boys will follow" so it was with great pleasure I dug up >>>>> this babe <<<<< on gumtree.

In my humble opinion she is the creation of some crazy nerd, but I sent her an email anyway, with the address of this site on. I mean get this she claims to have fallen in love with her female physics teacher too. Hmmm lesbian physicist fantasy ahoy!

Hopefully, in her bid to prove me wrong, that she DOES actually exist and she DOES actually happen to have a fetish for lingerie, maybe she'll come round in stockings and suspenders.

I need to get out more don't I?
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