Twinkies delivery service

I love the internet and with my new G1 mobile (ooops that sounds like an advert) I think I have come to love it even more. Ridiculous I know.

So I was walking around Covent Garden the other day and I get an email from my mate Pinkpanther, which I picked up on the phone.

"Seeing as you're going to be in Romania next weekend," it said "can you get me some Twinkies"

Fair request I thought, but had to reply that they didn't sell Twinkies in the UK, so she'd have to look it up on mail order and get them sent to my house and I'd pop them in my suitcase. Within minutes, she had sent me a URL of Cybercandy a sweet shop, in Covent Garden, which just happened to be around the corner from where I was at the time

So I went in, found the Twinkies

and bought a box for her

Posting photos every step of the way to her. Flippin love it!
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