my REAL wall: phase 2

After the initial FLOOD of 2 REAL mails and 1 REAL post on my REAL wall, I've decided to move into the next phase. Obviously, asking my REAL friends to put pen to paper and put a stamp on it is far too much REAL effort.

I've put an ad out in every major online penpal forum and site, in the hope that perhaps the combined forces of the world's pen and paper fanatics will add some more craziness and save me having to cut out any more cardboard fish!

The ad will appear online on penpalsjpg and gumtree and most of the other websites you can find on the first page after typing in "penpals" in google

The ad looks like this...

Bored of post on facebook? Why not send me a REAL letter...

A couple of weeks back I closed my facebook account and announced that I would only be accepting REAL post on my REAL wall in my house. Basically the idea of people "posting" on my facebook wall just lacked something. i missed the feel of paper and that "actually meeting people" aspect of social networking.

So I decided to start where I post REAL letters from REAL people and I photograph it.


As it turns out, only 2 of my facebook friends (of the 300+ "friends" I had on there) could be bothered to actually put pen to paper, so I thought I would open this out to the whole world instead as I'm running out of wall posts!

So if you want to send me a letter, artwork, photo, advert, in fact anything that you might virtually post up on a facebook wall, or just want to meet up and create a work of art together and have a drink, just send me an email and we'll go from there!


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