Zombies at London Bridge Station

Thanks to Jam for sending this link this morning to me sorted as a zombie last night at London Bridge.

If you followed the antics on my twitter last night, you'll already know what happened, and if not the brief running order goes.

6:30pm - turn up at London Bridge station, despite knowing in advance that zombie flash mob was cancelled. The station is heaving with police there to enforce the zombie ban. Officially the line is that zombies would cause crowding. I suspect the truth is that zombies would eat commuters. Some great lines and banter with the police, including this one.

"No zombies down here then officer? I figured they live underground..."

"No sir. Only we live underground..."

6:50pm - search for zombies all over London Bridge, going to all the bars and pubs for about half an hour before the event to try and get some early photos in before the crowd. All I find is the usual Friday night drinkers, and around there it's all accountants and bankers. Wrong kind of zombie for Friday the 13th, so I continue looking.

6.59pm - sight my first zombie. One solitary zombie. That was Alan, who came all the way down from Derby to attend even though he knew it was cancelled. That's the spirit! I was still very much human at this point. There were about 100 photographers milling about waiting for some action. Hilarious!

7:05pm - Two great zombies appear and the crowd of photographers goes ravenous and starts snapping wildly.

7:10pm - Total of about 15 zombies present and paparazzi crawling all over them. Police have sent all zombie into the Bus station outside the train station. The whole thing has gone to shit.

7:15pm - One zombie has a face paint set. Holding it aloft he announces that "if anyone wants to join us..." Like you have to ask me twice! The rest of the crowd take a timid step back just in case he attacks them and makes them have some fun.

7:17pm - I am now a zombie.

7:20pm -random fat guy comes along in a "London Bridge festival" T-shirt and Michael Jackson hat and starts bossing everyone around! He orders everyone to attack him and then asks us to dance. Twat. We attack him and I bite his head cos he's a twat.

7:23pm - we are standing around like morons while it seems like every person with a DSLR in London takes photos and videos of us. I decide to zombie up to one photographer, who aims his lens right in my face and doesn't move. He doesn't seem to realise that he is facing the undead and that he needs to be running away in terror so I bite him in the head.


"I'm biting you in the fucking head and I'm gonna keep doing it til I reach your brains then I'm gonna eat them. I'm a fucking zombie what d'you expect?!"


7:40pm - we're still standing around like twats, signing release forms for videos we will never see in which WE are represented as the weirdos. No doubt the irony of 300 photographers finding us fascinating will be lost on them.

8:00pm til late - Went to the Thameside Inn and and sat around drinking Strawberry cider dressed as zombies with Alan and the two girls. Sweet.

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