Weaning myself off facebook: Day -3

So 3 days to go before I bury my facebook profile in favour of the low-fi alternative of pen and paper. Thought I'd best write about it in case any of you were considering escaping the curtain-twitching world of facebook too, just so you're aware of the Cold Turkey that you may have to go through.

I think it's safe to say that facebook has been a pretty constant part of my life for the last 2 years or so, and with my google G1 mobile FB, I am now connected from the second I open my right eye (that one always comes open first in the morning for some reason) to the second I fall asleep. I've got literally thousands of photos on there and if anything I'm a little worried that deactivating my account is gonna decimate most of my friends tagged photo numbers. Oh well they'll live I'm sure.

Today Mark sent me a wall post to say that I should reconsider, as lots of people use facebook and that I was one of the people who made it interesting. For a brief moment I thought of keeping it active but realised that there was no turning back now. The closer I get to closure day, the more excited I am at the prospect of going out and taking QUALITY photos FOR FUN and ignoring facebook conventions.

The last few posts I've written here and on myREALwall have really fired me up and, although they weren't of great quality, I am getting the blogging feeling back in my veins. I love seeing posts of a reasonable size, considered and finely crafted and this has been great fun.

This weekend I plan to get myself out to the art shops and get some stuff for decorating my wall. I'm no artist though so don't expect miracles.
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