Facebook phone irony

Last night, after typing up the announcement that I would be deactivating my facebook account, I pressed the post button to post it on my wall (the electronic one) and it asked me for my mobile phone number to verify my account. I have always been a little suspicious of facebook for privacy and didn't want to give my number to it, so I didn't, but it wouldn't then let me post my announcement up, and just reset itself, losing my post which took about half an hour to write in the process.

Vexed, I went back in and wrote it again, finally posting at 3 in the morning after giving in and giving them my mobile number. I never wanted to do this.

In the morning I got up and the bastards had displayed my number on my info page for all and sundry to see. Again I was none too impressed and on the bus in to work I tried to use mobile facebook on my phone to delete the number, to which it ironicallly replied that if I deleted my mobile number it would deactivate my profile!

I was gonna do that anyway!

Anyway, after that invasion of my privacy I have added resolve and now I'm sure that myrealwall.com is going to be my great new obsession.

Come on send me some mail and let's get this thing moving!
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