Weaning myself off facebook: Day -1

So it happens tonight and in truth the days have gone so fast I didn't even realise it. Lately a spate of tagging has gone on on facebook with some sort of random fact message that is going around. Write 25 facts about yourself then 25 tag people in it, who then need to go and tag someone else.

Let's get this straight shall we. Tagging should be used to draw peoples attention to something relevant. Within searches you should appear tagged in things you actually appear in to assist your search. When you start to use tags as ways to get attention for yourself and not for the reason that they are used for then you are an attention seeker and causing people to be diverted to your site unwittingly.

I'm not down for that sort of abuse of information and it's given me yet further fuel to my already raging fire of anti-facebookness.

This new wave of chainmail is exactly the sort of thing I signed up to facebook to avoid in the first place. In my email, anyone could send me shit chain forwards, so I figured that if only my friends could get my attention then perhaps facebook was a good alternative, but no it turns out that my friends are now the ones sending me junk, which on facebook is essentially ego-junk.

Look if you want to bloody well tag me in a note, then WRITE ABOUT ME in the note for fucks sakes. If you want to tag me in a photo, then call me, let's meet and have a social and take my picture! Photoshop me on if you have to, just don't waste everyones time by pretending I'm in a note I'm not.


Personally I feel that this wave of self-agrandisement through attaching me to posts about you will ultimately be the e-trash and spam of the future. Luckily this won't happen to me.

I can't wait to deactivate it!
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