Waging war on terror

A few years back, when I was there, there was an incident in Kuwait that wasn't widely reported outside of the country, probably cos it would have made the inhabitants look like a bunch of morons.

As you may have guessed, Kuwait has very few attractions apart from getting blown to pieces by fundamentalists. I guess it's the only fun they get and most Kuwaitis are born mentalist so it's not a big stretch.

So there was this story of this woman jogger who was nearly kidnapped and bundled in a car by fundamentalists. They wanted to behead her, cos at the time that was fashionable.

But she just happened to have been quite cautious (there were a spate of kidnappings going on at the time, including Kenneth Bigley)

So when they tried to bundle her in the car she pulled out a knife and stabbed the guy in the head. Typical Kuwaiti attempt to do anything. It went wrong. Fuckwits.

But that's not to detract from the jogger. Hurray to her for fighting back against fundies! Yippee!

And that got me thinking, that the War Against Terror needs to start at this level.

So do the world a favour and stab a fundamentalist in the head today!
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