Taking the dog for a walk in Casa de Campo

Well known as a haunt for the prostitutes of Madrid, the police seem to turn a blind eye to the putas out here in Casa de Campo, as it takes them away from the centre of town where they make the city look bad.

It's one of my favourite haunts on Sunday (NO NOT BECAUSE OF THE PUTAS!) because you can just walk and walk and see nobody for ages.

It's also a haunt for gay men (again NOT the reason that I like the place!) and a few months back, I was out jogging in the park when a guy jumped out of a bush TOTALLY NAKED, with his wanger hanging out!


Now THERE'S a reason to keep running!

As for the picture of the dog chasing the car above, that was seen in Casa de Campo too. Someone had casually taken their dog out, chucked it out the car and it was running along behind as the car went down the hill! Great stuff!

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