One simple way to make every day seem wonderful

I was chatting to TK, one of my online pals yesterday and when she asked how I was, I said

The sun is shining, I've just got paid and most importantly I'm not in Kuwait! Yes!

The thing is, that TK is not aware that I was ever in Kuwait, and she's also not aware of just how shit Kuwait is, so it was up to me to try and describe it as best as I could.

Hmmm Kuwait. Yes to imagine Kuwait, imagine a toilet in your mind.

Now fill it with shit, add a load of bigoted, racist, ignorant Arabs and a lot of dust. Not sand, grey dust that does nothing but swirl around in the wind and get in your eyes.

Now put all the ethnic minorities from the Indian subcontinent and Asia in substandard conditions and make them work like animals/slaves while underpaying them/beating them/raping them, add a nice dose of ironic homosexuality and you're starting to get an image in your head that looks pretty similar.

Oh yeah and don't forget to remove all your human rights if you're not Kuwaiti..

Welcome to Kuwait!

I'm sure I left out some bits, not eating bacon, drinking photocopy cleaner, and not being allowed to have sex with other human beings of the opposite sex (they obviously found ways around this by not involving the opposite sex, or not involving other human beings), that sort of thing. I didn't want to disturb her too much.

These days I wake up every morning and think...

Thank fuck I'm not in Kuwait.

Try it tomorrow. I guarantee you you'll be smiling all day!

Please note: those of you who ARE in Kuwait will have to imagine that you're not in Kuwait before you attempt this exercise
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