Car crash, Antonio Machado, Madrid, 3pm, 26th March 2008

I was talkin to my mate L-plate Big Cheese, who came to Spain the other day and she said "You always seem to be around for weird or unusual events, and I seem to always miss them"

I tried to play down this statement by saying that I just appear to be around for unusual events.

Then, the day after she left, I was walking around Madrid, just wandering really and ended up in a place called Antonio Machado, a place I will probably never be able to find again and wouldn't really want to anyway, there's bugger all there.

Just walking around with my beautiful Canon 20D and I heard a screech of wheels and a bang just like a few months ago outside my window.

And lo and behold a couple of cars had crashed about 30 metres behind me! I quickly snapped this one, then went over to try and help, but with my Spanish limited to ordering beer and asking for the toilet, I wasn't really much help so I buggered off.

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