The truth about cats

I was just flicking through my photos and found this classic and was really surprised I hadn't blogged it before.

Rumour has it that, if you cut a cats whiskers off it will get stuck when trying to get through gaps. This is because cats have whiskers that are as wide as the widest part of their body and they use their whiskers to sense whether a gap is passable or not.

Regular readers will remember that I am totally convinced I am a lion and last year I grew my 'tache for 114 days to coincide with the capture of Alan Johnson by the Army of Islam.

At the height of my tache growth, I was out with Phil and Jules on my way to Sarah's place when we went past a fence. Using the logic outlined above I decided that, if I were a lion and my whiskers were fully formed then it should follow that if I could get my head through a gap in the fence without twitching my whiskers then I would be able to get the rest of my body through too.

Unfortunately, it seems that the thing about cats and their whiskers is a load of old bollocks, and it was only thanks to Phil's strong hands that I managed to get my head back out of that damn fence while Jules stood around laughing her tits off.

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