Oi Osama - Free Alan Johnston and I'll shave my tache!

I was gonna do a standard update on the various blog characters today, ya know the sort of thing - Mr Bread 5 months old and counting, still alive and kicking, totally devoid of fungus and quite tantalising, mini-Andy still in need of adventures, Sassy Catalina removing her trackbacks and disappearing from my life, that sort of thing when I realised the destiny of Mr Moustache!

I just noticed today that Mr Moustache has been growing since the day that BBC correspondent Alan Johnston got kidnapped!

As far as I'm concerned, this can only mean one thing - My tache and the fate of Alan Johnston are intimately intertwined!

So, to do my bit for world peace, I hereby offer my tache in exchange for the safe release of Alan Johnston by the Army of Islam.

Alan Johnston banner

^^ Free him and the tache gets it!
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