Watt and Hu

I always like to flog a good (or othererwise) joke to death [as noted by the fact I blogged that one about the whiskers (below) twice] and over the last 2 weeks, I've been seeing how far I could take a single gag with my year 10s.

We've been studying Work, Energy and Power and to introduce the topic I always say

What is the unit of power?

...to which I invariably get a bunch of crap responses like "Volt", "Amp", "Newton"

So I say again

Watt is the unit of power

More wrong answers. I always string this gag out for about 3 minutes as I find that this is the optimum amount of time to get a really pained groan out of them when I tell them that WATT is indeed the unit of power and that it wasn't a question, it was a statement.

So in the next lesson, I decided to compound this gag by saying

Watt is a thousandth of a kilowatt

Watt is the name given to the power developed in a circuit by a current of one ampere flowing through a potential difference of one volt


Watt is equal to 1/746 horsepower in SI units

So far I have managed to get pained groans most times, and after 2 weeks of cracking the same gag over and over again in different guises I thought that maybe it was time to move on. Today I spent the day looking for a person named Hu, so today's gag went something like this...

Hu designed a rocket propelled chair in the sixteenth century on which he planned to go to Heaven

Unfortunately, it seems I was beaten to the punch on this gag...

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