I TOLD you he was autistic!

So Rich puts a spud in the oven the other night for dinner.

20 minutes later I hear a knock on the bog door and he says, "Geez, have you seen my spud?"

"No idea" I say, through the door. "Why don't you ask the weird dude in the kitchen?"

I only caught snatches of what happened next through the closed door but it went a bit like this...

"Donde esta mi patata?" (Where is my potato?")


Rummaging noises then followed, which I assumed was the sound of the oven being opened, followed by a smash and the word


I decided it best to stay on the bog and finish the chapter I was reading before venturing out and surveying the carnage.

Picking through the rubble of the kitchen when I emerged there were bits of pepperoni on the walls and a jacket potato submerged beneath a pizza base in the bin. I'll let you piece it all together.
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