Famous in Madrid part 2: Assault and it's MY FAULT! - Take 2

It seems that my very existence is causing mini-Isagagenius issues in Madrid.

Before taking off to Taiwan, he was walking around fnac, a big department store type place in Madrid "when a strange dude came by"

After the insanity of the last story I was a little worried. You never quite know where his stories are gonna go.

"Well this guy was asking me if I was a VIETNAMESE and I asked why," he goes on "and he said it was because"

At this point I had to interrupt. In 6 months in Madrid I had not seen or heard a single Vietnamese person. This time it had to be me

...didn't it?

"...he wanted to skin a person called Alejandro Huang"

Oh. On second thoughts maybe it wasn't me.

He asked the guy if he meant ANDREW HOANG, "...and he nearly shaked his head off."


"And then i asked why and then he became outraged" he goes on.

I'm shitting it by this point.

"and holds my tintin shirt collar(the son of a bitch tore it off in front of everyone) and said that that you dishonoured him"

Wasn't me guv. It was the Andrew Hoang Street Team. Or Alejandro Huang. Why do people with my name have to keep going around causing trouble...

Apparently the guy was a tattooed South American skinhead, who smelt of cheap liquor. He was from Santo Domingo and was wearing an "Amo Cubo" cap on his head. If you see him tell him that I go to the University of Oklahoma and that guns are legal in the states. Trust me you'll be doing me a favour.

"So," I said, "You were attacked by a psycho in the middle of fnac?"

"Yeah," he replied "like...looking for you"

The guy then showed mini-Isagagenius a picture of me surrounded by some girls and said "that you took his girl and went to bed with her"


Given my rather legendary track record, most of you will know that this is the most unlikely statement ever to be made by anyone.


He also mentioned an incident where I had asked him if he was South American and if he had ever been kidnapped.

If I go missing for any length of time then, you know where to find me.
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