DAMMIT! I'm going to have to kill him aren't I...?

I'm fucked off. REALLY fucked off. Let me explain...

Like many people who own a blog I'm utterly obsessed with myself and regularly look up my name in google only to find that I'm nowhere near the bloody top of the pile, a fact that shouldn't surprise me given that I blog under a pseudonym. Yet for some reason I feel I deserve to be.

Instead I have been pipped to the title by Andy Hoang, Money Launderer and fugitive, Andy Hoang, a San Francisco taxi driver who didn't renew his license and some other twat (more of which to follow)

So I'm online talking to one of my friends in Madrid who's dad owns a great Japanese restaurant in the centre of town.

"You are becoming famous in Janatomo" he says "Really famous"

"Right yeah," I said, "The chef did say hello last time I was in" totally not expecting what was coming next.

Remember this kid is Japanese.

"I'll explain myself" he goes on, "Firstly there was a guy that said if I was a relative of a Vietnamese"


"I asked why and he say because i looked alike a person in internet called andy hoang!"


"...and he said he was a fan of..."

By this point I had my jaw on the floor and working on peeling it off.

"...andrew street "something""



"got it in my agenda"

"andrew hoang street team"


I swear if I ever meet this guy I am going to fucking kill him. For once I thought that somebody actually READ this thing!
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