Facts and figures

About this time of the year 3 years ago I had applied for loads of jobs around the world at the end of my PGCE and one of those jobs was in Kuwait.

After taking the interview in London I walked back home through the rain and thought that I didn't actually want the job as Kuwait sounded a bit crap.

The next day I had a stag do to attend in Derby. After about 7 pints of piss I got a phone call.

The head of the school in Kuwait said "Hi, we'd like to offer you the job" to which I replied in a drunken haze, "Yeah go on then"

The next morning I woke up with a throbbing head and a ticket to Kuwait.

No planning, no research and accepted the job when I was drunk. Won't be doing that again, I thought.

I was out with Olja yesterday at the Tate Modern and there was this exhibition on cities of the world. Cairo was one of the featured cities.

I walked around looking at pics.

"Shit." I said, "These buildings make the place look just like Kuwait. And a diversity of 0.8% (Compared to 27% in London) might mean it's gonna be more of the same"

"Haven't you even DONE any research?!" Says she

"No. What do you expect?"

So, yeah I've done it again. I've only got myself to blame I guess.
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