I was in the shower right and it occured to me that I always apply shower gel to my chest first, which is where I sweat least, and which is consequently probably the cleanest part of my body.

I figure that it's cos we've evolved with arms that bend sort of forwards and that got me thinkin what sort of other adaptations the human race still has to undergo before we become homo superior, like Magneto off the X-men.

My mate Anu revealed to me the other day that she was actually born with 6 fingers, the extra digit growing out of her little finger on either side. So she's a bit like Wolverine.

How cool would that be! She could do ctrl+A then any number of edit operations in a fraction of the time we 5-fingered homo inferior take. If we had 6 fingers I could produce 20% more blog and assuming this sort of productivity increase across the globe we could solve the world poverty crisis and produce food for everyone. No-one would have to go hungry all because we all grew an extra finger.

But the short-sighted, narrow-minded fools took the decision to amputate on grounds that they wouldn't be able to find gloves that fit, and the children of Africa cried...

What other evolutionary fun do we expect to see in future...?
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