Mailart 365 - 2/365

Earlier, Camel mentioned that he was posting to Test Tower (The wonderful Heebeejeebee postbox is a favourite of mine too Camel) and JJ mentioned that she wished for some local postpals Down Under.

I decided to make this piece for someone very close to me.

Since starting this project, I've been utterly obsessed with creating mailart. Many of you have chatted to me at 2 in the morning, while my beautiful fiance slept.

I made this little piece for her because I wanted Elena to know that I haven't forgotten about her. While I'm up here making mailart and she's asleep downstairs, I miss her like crazy, and so this piece of work is hers. I don't intend to post it because I've written a message for her on the back and none of you guys get to see it!

Is it cheating not to post it in a box? I'm sure that nobody will hold this one against me...

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