#3/365 : Ballet dancer weave

If you've seen my mailart in the past, you'll probably know I'm rather obsessed with using this particular picture.

I've made a few things with this, including a Halfcard and my recent submission for a mailart call in Norway.

This time I decided to play around with the pics by merging the two together in a weave.

Making #3

This piece of mailart also held an extra surprise for me. On the back of the postcard and the photo there was a red butterfly stamped on. Shortly after me and Elena first met, we went shopping for rubber stamps. Elena bought this butterfly then got really carried away and stamped everything she could get her hands on.

While making this piece I only looked at the front, then when I awoke from my creative haze and looked at the back of the card, I realised that the butterfly was weaved in too. I hadn't even noticed it before!

Andy 365_2_Back

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