7_365 - miniAndy does Horseguards parade

Definitely not by best piece so far. I wanted to recycle some old tourist postcards, some of the ones that are really so bad that I have no idea how they ever came into print. I found this one, a truly poor example of photography, probably from the late 70s.

What particularly makes me smile about the original postcard is that is looks just like a tourist snapshot, poorly composed with a couple of chubby tourists and has some random unknown photographer credited, as if it came straight from the family album.

Anyway the idea of this piece was merely to express my joy at the idea of an imminent return of the one and only mini-Andy, who is currently visiting Okadascat in North Yorkshire. I occasionally just drop him in cards for fun. If you want o do the same while you wait for his return, why not check out the awesome Dress me up app on the adventures of mini-Andy

And if you want to book an adventure of your own when he comes back, you'd better get in the queue...

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