6_365 - Tezuka at the drawing board

Tonight I made two pieces, but #5 is still drying so I didn't want to put it in the scanner, hence the order will be a little off.

I pencilled this piece from an Osamu Tezuka comic that I was reading on the train a few months ago. I am a HUGE fan of Osamu Tezuka, who the Japanese call the God of manga. Very few people know him in the west sadly, despite the fact that he wrote Kimba the Lion. "What's Kimba the White Lion?" I hear you ask. Well Kimba the white lion is often cited as the inspiration for Walt Disneys Lion King.

In addition, Osamu Tezuka wrote Astroboy and the wonderful Black Jack series from which this image was inspired.

The image shows Osamu Tezuka himself, who would often draw himself into his comics. In this scene he's been arrested but his editor won't let him rest, hence he's drawing his next piece while in custody.

The piece will be sent to one of the schools who sent me a mailart call. I, like the rest of you, probably get way too many posts to answer to, and these days I get a great many schools sending me mailart to put on my REAL wall, and I do feel it rude not to reply. However, whenever a school asks for mailart, I figure that they probably want mailart from more people than me, so I have posted my school mailart calls up on a site which I hope will encourage schools to swap amongst themselves. Check out the site at schoolswaps.tumblr.com/ and feel free to add your own ones there.

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