Online dating pitfalls

As you now know, I met my girlfriend on, and I thought I'd write a little about it

If you've spent any time on online dating sites you'll see that in general men browse loads more profiles than girls and are far less selective about who they want to get in contact with.

As an example, me and her signed up at pretty much the same time and in that time her profile, which has no picture on it and hardly any details at all (yes I clicked wink just cos she is a girl and nearby, I confess) has received 1601 visits and 846 winks! It's got NO BLOODY PICTURE ON IT!

In that same time, my profile has been visited 71 times and I've got 11 winks. 11 BLOODY WINKS!

She won't tell me who winked at her but I can bet that excalibur_a_334, umhomemdehgrande, bigpoint, and other guys with names like Adonis and MrBigCock and Hunkyguy11 probably winked at her every day. It must be great for the ego.

On the other hand I actually still get excited when I get the email saying that my profile has been visited let alone a wink.

Yesterday, I got a wink from someone and was well chuffed with myself until I opened it and found it came from someone calling herself uglywoman312.

Not really good for the ego, knowing that no-one except the ugly ones are looking.
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