Do schools kill creativity?

A while back I posted a rant on the use of the term ADHD as a derogatory term in educational circles, and since then I have read some pretty inspiring articles and thought I should share some with you.

Firstly Sir Ken Robinson, gave the most inspiring talk. Watch this to the end and the bit where he talks aboutthe ballet dancer is a moment I feel that I went through after leaving university and discovering the Yaa Asantewaa.

Although I do love physics, in truth I was bored witless at university. As Sir Ken says, I have to MOVE to think and I literally cannot think when staying still. It's a sad but true fact and one reason why teaching is a good thing for me, as I get to fidget all day and it looks perfectly normal.

Next up is a blog by A certain lack of focus. This sums up what it is like to have an overactive imagination and how we just can't concentrate on any of the 10,000,000 ideas we have. I love the fact that she deals with this so creatively.

I'm going to nick this idea and get myself an ADHD box.

It's not easy having this much energy. Well that's not true, life is pretty simple when you don't really have to sleep (I sleep at 2am and wake up at 7am every day) but after a while having so many ideas sort of hurts.

In my opinion, ADHD is not a problem at all, but as Sir Ken says, the whole of the education system is focussed on making university professors out of us all, and the whole of society expects that we act in a certain way that ADHD people just can't. I think it's high time, we started to look at ADHD not as an affliction but as a real blessing and learnt to describe it in positive terms and not focus on the negative.

Really, if you knew what it felt like to feel like your blood was on fire for 17 hours a day, and that you couldn't stop thinking of new ideas you'd understand. ADHD is one of the best things in my life.
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