My first post after deactivating my facebook account. Deactivating was a little problematic and I ended up not properly off facebook for an hour after after I was scheduled to leave. Turned out that my internet connection went down the hour before midnight so when I tried to log in to deactivate I couldn't get to the site.

Luckily I have internet on my phone so I tried to use that to access facebook and do the business. After what I thought was deactivating my account I received an email from facebook, which I assumed was to confirm deactivation.

"Welcome back to Facebook" it said "The facebook account associated with this account was recently reactivated"


So chances are at that point, anyone awake would have got a message saying "Andy Hoang is now your friend" That must have been pretty confusing.

So I tried again. And it sent me the same message.


This wasn't exactly how I had envisaged my ride off into the cyber-sunset. I felt like I'd walked out the tavern door, and come back cos I'd forgotten my hat. Then returned remembering that I'd forgotten to put my shoes on as well.

Finally got it at about 12:40am then read that all you had to do to reactivate the account was log in with the same sign in, and it would just automatically reactivate your account. As facebook is set to sign in automatically at work and on my phone I realised that this was just gonna sign on in the morning in a most embarrasing way, so I had to bite the bullet and re-enter that tavern one more time.

"Erm sorry gentlemen I seem to have forgotten to put my trousers back on." Damn what a shambles.

Still it was worth it for the freedom I now feel as I write this blog. It's a feeling that I can't really describe and unless you know what writing a blog for pleasure feels like you wouldn't get why it feels so good to be back.

So it's goodbye facebook and hello again Real World!
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