I was just reading the BBC News this morning and I see that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad has got himself in trouble for kissing the hand of his old schoolteacher.

Iran has recently sparked worldwide criticism for it's pursuit of nuclear technology and due to the fact that Ahmedinajad is clearly a delusional megalomaniac the world has been quick to criticise their choice.

However, Bush too could be described in a similar way and I personally think that the reason that we don't want the Iranians to have nuclear power is that, with news headlines like this one today, Iran and much of the Middle East is just viewed as a little too "backwards" to take responsibility for this sort of technology. (Yes that includes YOU Kuwait, you fucking crap stinking shithole in the middle of nowhere...)

I mean looking at the rest of the article it goes on to say

"Ahmadinejad, better known in the west for his fiery anti-Israel rhetoric and his staunch defence of Iran's nuclear program, has been criticised in the past by ultra-conservative elements in Iran.

He once suggested that women should be allowed to watch football matches. This proved highly controversial and was turned down.

That makes them look WELL Neanderthal doesn't it! Not letting women go to the football, eat kebabs and have fights!? Chuh!

So I came up with a solution.

If the Iranians can prove they are really modern by letting women attend football matches, then the West should allow them to have nuclear weapons.

Everyone's a winner!
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