Impromptu mini-giraffe day...?

A few years back SpinningChairs, a good friend of mine who hasn't blogged for a while came up with an idea I've been meaning to steal and pass off as my own for a while.

If you live in London you can buy a Travelcard, which permits you to travel on pretty much any form of transport at all. You can get buses, trains, trams, tubes and all sorts of discounts at zoos and things.

But it occured to him that most people only use the Travelcard to make simple journeys from A to B then maybe on to C and back again, cos the cost of travelling in London is so expensive that it usually makes more sense to get one than to buy a return.

So he decided to set up a new annual event, which for want of a better name he christened "Giraffe Day". The idea was to get himself a Travelcard at the start of the day and cream it for all the value that it was worth. To do this he got up at 5am and left on the first tube out of Golders Green, travelled to all four corners of the tube map and anywhere with a funny name like Theydon Bois or Grange Hill and would return on the very last train home.

The half term holidays have started and I should have been going to Andalucia, but I'm down a bit ill at the moment, so I thought I'd chill out and stay in Madrid.

With my B1 monthly Abono in my pocket though, I wouldn't have be able to forgive myself if I lay in bed and didn't get on at least ONE train tomorrow...
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