Dosa Boys Insider: Day 5

By this time the tension caused by the proximity of strangers in the Rickshaw was showing.

Ivan had never made any secret of the fact that he wanted to travel and see the sights and he was quite unsettled by the fact that we were flying through India and not really seeing all that much. In part I agreed with him and it did niggle, but I was acutely aware of the fact that I had to make it back to the UK to make the flight out to Spain.

Ivan had much more time than the rest of us.

By day 5 we could see that we would easily make it to the end if nothing major went wrong but I had pushed this far with a racing slant.

Ivan hadn't driven nearly as much as he wanted and I had only driven for 100m, which I thought was a little unfair.

But the worst development by this point was the fact that Nick just wouldn't let go of the wheel.

He was taking the whole thing so seriously and acted like he was the only one who could drive whilst the rest of us sat in the back.

Ivan was now pretty moody in the back, reading books and listening to his tunes and was quite disconnected. I had resigned myself to blogging and photographic duties. Nick didn't care though. All he saw was the road and all he wanted to do was win. You'll notice that the posts at this point and up to this point tend to start with "Nick at the wheel".

Me and Ivan hadn't planned it this way, when we got it together but as we were here I thought that we may as well go for it.

The angles we took were clear now - Nick only wanted to come to drive and race, Ivan wanted to take his time and savour the country and I wanted to see what a rickshaw could do and put it through it's paces.

Unfortunately this meant that I was more behind Nick's view of the trip.

You'll see by day 8 how I came to regret this decision...
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