If I invaded your dreams last night I apologise. I just couldn't help myself..

I was just bumbling around the house today and blogging for Dosa Boys when Jesus, the hilarious Spanish nurse I live with came in and said,

"I dreamt of you last night man"

I didn't ask the details but I just laughed it off and said "so what was I like? Did I have a long one?"

But just now, mini-Lillian from China and currently living in Holland logged onto msn and started with

"Andy. I did dream about you last night!"

SHIT ME! Sounds like the adventures of dream-Andy!

Luckily the dream was rather good (I hate being in crap dreams) and she could see my face very clearly. In it, she meets someone American who is Vietnamese really and says that she wants to introduce him to someone (me).

At the point when I turn up, she realises that we both have the same face!


Scary day!

Was I in anyone elses dreams last night? I need to know...
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